I am a clinical nutritionist and hypnotist with a degree in behavioural psychology. I run a vibrant practice that focuses on the connection between mental health and nutrition and our relationship to food.


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40 | Photography & Body Image with Sara Kardooni

Episode Description

Welcome to the Head-To- Heal Podcast!

DISCLAIMER: Please note I am not a medical doctor and you should always seek help from a physician before beginning any new health regime!

In today’s episode Jiordana sits down with Sara Kardooni and talks all about self love and body image. Sara is a portrait photographer, master creator, image maker and a business owner. She is an Iranian woman who came to Canada 15 years ago as an international student and after struggling for years to adjust, she finally switched from Architecture to Photography and built a profitable business to finally own her studio in 2021. She worked hard on self value to become a successful photographer and someone who can help women and empower them one image at the time. Her main focus is Contemporary Portrait which includes glamour, personal branding and headshot, boudoir and maternity.

She creates a space for you to feel SEEN, HEARD and appreciated for who you are. She loves to see people’s transformation right in front of her lens and how she can show them the beauty that shines from inside out. Sara truly believes all body types deserve to be SEEN and CELEBRATED. Her mission is to capture diversity in any shapes and forms to help promote self love and self value through photography.

“My ability to capture people and connect with them in a way that I connect with my clients is coming from my life experiences especially the hard times, trauma and the pain I’ve endured. Going through the tough times and trying to do the work around it helped me learn to have compassion for myself and self-love and that’s when you really start seeing people for who they are and that’s what I use in my portrait sessions. Connection with people is all that matter in that moment.”

Connect with Sara:

Website: https://sarakardooni.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/sarakardooniportraits/

50+ and Fabulous Campaign: https://sarakardooni.com/50-fabulous

Email: Sara@sarakardooni.com

Website: www.themindfullclinic.com

Instagram: @themindfullclinic

Email: jiordana@themindfullclinic.com

November 24, 2022

To heal the body, you must first heal the mind. 

I am a certified holistic nutritionist with a background in behavioural neuropsychology and hypnosis. I struggled my whole life with obesity, addictions, depression and chronic fatigue and have dedicated my entire career to develop a deep understanding of how to restore health with any disease.

Hey friend, I am Jiordana Saade, CNP.

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