I am a clinical nutritionist and hypnotist with a degree in behavioural psychology. I run a vibrant practice that focuses on the connection between mental health and nutrition and our relationship to food.


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32 | Drawbacks & Barriers of Fat loss with Brandon Moase

Episode Description

Welcome to another episode of the Head – To – Heal Podcast!

On this episode we talk about the drawbacks and barriers to long term weight loss with Brandon, and let me tell you, It changed everything I know about weight loss!

About Brandon:

With a background in psychology, certified immune centric health coach, and over 5 years of health coaching experience, I am here to shift the current narrative of what is really true about the body.

Breaking down on how it all works within the body mechanistically, we can finally put an end to FADs and diet extremes as we come back into the wisdom of the body and out of the thinking brain.

Our method is not only to eat for your microbes, but to explore the depths of the psyche through the psychedelic journey as we unlock a deeper part of ourselves to find where our physiology meets our psychology.

Growing up with every gut issue known to exist, I can now truly speak with confidence on how we can finally put an end to IBS, Candida, SIBO, Colitis and even reverse food sensitivities like dairy and gluten intolerance.

Join us in shifting the paradigm and conquering our inner world as that is the true meaning of success.


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Super Red Polyphenol Powder

Apple Peel Powder OR Apple Skins

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August 30, 2022

To heal the body, you must first heal the mind. 

I am a certified holistic nutritionist with a background in behavioural neuropsychology and hypnosis. I struggled my whole life with obesity, addictions, depression and chronic fatigue and have dedicated my entire career to develop a deep understanding of how to restore health with any disease.

Hey friend, I am Jiordana Saade, CNP.

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