I am a clinical nutritionist and hypnotist with a degree in behavioural psychology. I run a vibrant practice that focuses on the connection between mental health and nutrition and our relationship to food.


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with Jiordana Saade

27 | B-Vitamins and Mental Health

Episode Description

Welcome to the Head to Heal Podcast
Heads up!

I am not a medical doctor and you should always seek help from a physician before beginning any new health regime.
On this weeks Episode Jiordana talks about how optimal mental health relies on the B-Vitmains!
A number of studies have confirmed dozens of specific nutrients that can alter brain chemistry and overall functioning of the brain. A deficiency in any one of them even slightly can result in emotional problems anywhere from fatigue irritability, depression—or more severe ones like mania and and self isolation. The B-vitamins play a KEY role in optimizing brain functioning, an don’t only are we not getting enough of them in our food sources, but some people have genetic mutation that prevents them from using them properly!
Press play to learn about how the B-vitamins can change your mental health!

We cover:
Depression & B6
B3 & brain food
B1 (thiamine) and agoraphobia
SAD and B1 Deficiency
Birth Control pill/ depression and B6
B12 and brain damage
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Mentioned in this episode:
AOR B-Complex 
Tri Synergy B12
Lions mane

Website: www.themindfullclinic.com
Instagram: @jiordanasaade
Email: jiordana@themindfullclinic.com

May 17, 2022

To heal the body, you must first heal the mind. 

I am a certified holistic nutritionist with a background in behavioural neuropsychology and hypnosis. I struggled my whole life with obesity, addictions, depression and chronic fatigue and have dedicated my entire career to develop a deep understanding of how to restore health with any disease.

Hey friend, I am Jiordana Saade, CNP.

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