I am a clinical nutritionist and hypnotist with a degree in behavioural psychology. I run a vibrant practice that focuses on the connection between mental health and nutrition and our relationship to food.


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with Jiordana Saade

12 | PCOS & SIBO: Metabolic and hormonal disorders with Katie McKersie

Episode Description

Katie is a leader in the hormone balancing and post pill recovery.

Katie has been running a women’s health practice called Holistico ever since she faced multiple diagnoses after coming off the birth control pill. She is based out of Toronto, ON but her practice is mainly virtual so she is able to help women all over the world! Katie specializes in both hormones and gut health- she loves using nutrition to help women get their periods back, overcome PCOS and get rid of SIBO. If you want to get in touch, you can follow her on instagram or any social platforms @holisti_co as well as visit her website: https://www.holistico.ca/.

WE discuss:

  1. How you develop PCOS
  2. How would you attempt to treat PCOS naturally 
  3. What is SIBO? And how someone may develop this ?
  4. How would you begin to address SIBO?
  5. Is there a connection between SIBO and PCOS
  6. Tools and testing for PCOS
  7. Top 3 mistakes people make that lead to hormonal disorders?
  8. Top recommendations to begin balancing hormones

Find Katie here

June 30, 2021

To heal the body, you must first heal the mind. 

I am a certified holistic nutritionist with a background in behavioural neuropsychology and hypnosis. I struggled my whole life with obesity, addictions, depression and chronic fatigue and have dedicated my entire career to develop a deep understanding of how to restore health with any disease.

Hey friend, I am Jiordana Saade, CNP.

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